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Document Destruction

Information falling into the wrong hands could shatter your business. When your critical documents are outdated, you can safely leave their destruction to us, knowing they’ll be handled professional and confidentially.

Proper compliance is adhered to
As part of our longstanding expertise, we are able to help with the planning of your information lifecycle by offering advice on the appropriate time to retain your documents and destroying methods for any types of media.

Our advice adheres to corporate policies, legal or tax requirements, and ISO 9000 standards.

Verifiable accountability
Our confidentiality levels even exceed corporate and government requirements, with verifiable accountability procedures, so you can track the lifecycle of your documents.

Destruction is firm and definite only when no discrepancy is found. We have separate quality control teams in place, so that you’re doubly ensured of error-free processing. You’ll get a Certificate of Destruction issued and a detailed, itemised record of your destroyed material. On top of that, that record stays in our database for at least a year, so you can trace it.

Environmentally Friendly
DataSafe is an environmentally friendly organization, and all shredded materials are recycled.

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